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2004 Willis Family Reunion

We're starting to receive these already, please send your's in today to help us plan a great reunion!

WHO? All descendants of Benjamin Willis
The 2004 reunion will be held at the Georgia Baptist Convention Center in Norman Park, Georgia. Norman Park is south of Sylvester and west of Tifton.

It has everything we need and the price is right.  All the conference rooms and meeting places are available at no extra charge.  6 or 7 RV sites available (only 30 amp and a conventional plug connection), handicap accessible rooms, a great dining room with country cooked meals for only $6.50.  The Director claims a banana pudding "to die for"

You can make reservations by calling (229) 769-3922 or by email at btownes@gabaptist.org.




The dates below are the ones that won consensus at the last reunion in Helen.
Previous year's events have been inserted so that everyone will have an idea of what to expect. The schedule may change depending on what the reunion coordinator can work out.

Friday, July 2
  • Karaoke Nite / Social as people arrive to check-in and get the latest updates on activities.
Sat, July 3
  • Golf Tournament:
  • Road rally: Dinner at Surprise restaurant at end of rally.
  • Others as people volunteer to organize them! Please check around with other family members as you meet them. Some activities are still in planning and some won't be planned until everyone gets there and the participants decide to do them. The purpose of this reunion is to get to know each other and spent time doing the things we like with each other.
Sun, July 4 The following activities usually take place in the Worth Room in Sylvester, Georgia.:
  • Sunday Morning Worship Service - at 11:00 am
  • Dinner on the Grounds following the worship service
  • Cemetery Fund Auction.- after the dinner
  • Fellowship and Entertainment till we all go home.


Auction Items for 2004.
The following are some of the items that people have sent in to be auctioned off during this year's Willis Cemetery Fundraiser.

Please send in items that you would like to have listed/shown here prior to the reunion. If there is enough interest, we will even start accepting bids through this site.


Ginger Hunt
Home Phone: 919-778-0269
Cell Phone: 919-922-2529
Chuck Willis cwillis@chuckwillisrealty.com
Home Phone: (352) 473-3886
Work Phone: (800) 685-0205
Cell Phone: (352) 745-2010
Mike Willis mike@websbymike.com
Home Phone: (772) 334-0148

Please make an entry into our guestbook. It's being used to keep track of family members
and for providing information about each other and Family events! You can also use it to forward suggestions for the next family reunion.

After you hit submit, you should see a confirmation screen. If you do not, please send e-mail to webmaster@willisclan.net

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