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2003 Willis Family Reunion
June 27-29, 2003 in Helen, Georgia

The 2003 Willis Family Reunion was held in and around Helen, Georgia. This location was chosen as a result of a poll taken at the end of last year's reunion. Next year, the reunion will once again be held in south Georgia.

On Friday night, many of the family meet at the campsite of Chuck and Kitty Willis. They were blessed by having very nice neighbors on either side of them who didn't object to the large number of visitors that came by that evening. One neighbor even offer the use of their camp chairs while they went out. A nice time was had by all, whether they came by for something to eat or just dropped by to say that they were there. See if you recognize anyone in the picture below.



On Saturday about half of our golfers played in the rain while the others went out to enjoy the attractions in and around Helen, Georgia.

Here's some of the activities that were enjoyed by some. Click on any of the pictures to see the large version of it. If you have any pictures that you would like to add, please send them in using the form below. I know that several went tubing, so come on and send those pictures in!

Mark of the Potter

This picture was taken outside of the Mark of the Potter store/old mill house. Shown are Kitty Willis, Natalie and Michael Derrick, grandkids Megan Derrick, Jake and Trent Willis.

Panning for ????

From top to bottom: Jake, Trent, Kitty, Natalie

Come on gather around.

You pay for a bucket of dirt and then shift through it for whatever you can find...

Look what I found!

Jake found many rubies and emeralds in his bucket, while Trent had common gem stones, some of which are quite large.

Where's that gold?

Michael D. had a bucket of dirt that was supposed to have gold in it. I think he found two microscopic pieces after about an hours worht of work. No idea what Natalie found.

Treasure Galore

Trent, Jake and Megan show off their loot outside the panning area.

In the afternoon, the clan met at the West Family Restaurant for dinner, and to socialize and catch up with each other. My son Jake took most of these pictures so I need some help with all the names to make sure I get them correct. Please email me and help me fill in the blanks. Thanks.

West Family Restaurant

Don & Gin Hunt, with daughter Sandra

Lori Rogers and Friend

Chuck Willis with Kitty hiding behind him.

Fred and Bobbi Johnson

Hugh and Joyce Willis

Lisa Hunt, Kathleen and Anthony Hardison, Sue Hutchinson and friend

Tandy Rogers

Jackie Rogers

Brain and Mike Willis

Trent Willis

West Family Restaurant room full of relatives

Had to get Jake the photographer in at least one pic!

Back of Brian Willis head, the better half ;-)


Saturday evening was spent socializing with each other as we broke up into small groups and met with one another. If anyone has anything they would like me to show here, please send it in to me and I'll it to the site.


On Sunday, we all met the beach house in Unicoi State Park for a short morning worship service, pot luck dinner, cemetery fund raising auction, ands lots of socializing to catch up on things that have happened over the past year. Here's some of the pictures that I have so far.

Sue Hutchinson

Sue once again led us with her outstanding Karoake. Thanks Sue

Some of our other Karoake leaders


Auction Items for 2003.
Here are some of the items that people auctioned off during this year's Willis Cemetery Fundraiser.

This is Fred Johnson's first Florida Scene painting!

Indian Princess Doll

A Special thanks goes out to Ginger Hunt this year for taking the lead and making the reservations for the beach house and setting up reservations at the Unicoi Lodge for those that wanted them.

As usual, we all had a lot of fun. We had about 45 people at this reunion, which is little low, but there were several that couldn't make it due to health problems and some others for sundry other reasons, but we look forward to seeing them all next year, when the reunion once again returns to south Georgia where we always seem to have th largest turnouts.

See ya there!


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