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2002 Willis Family Reunion

The 2002 Reunion was held in the Tifton/Sylvester, Georgia area. The area that Benjamin Willis helped to settle in the early 1800's. Most people stayed at the Holiday Inn and many camped out at Amy's campground where we had the use of the new meeting hall. It worked our very nice. Please browse the photos and captions below and if you have any that you would like to have posted, please send them to mike@websbymike.com. I can scan pictures in and return them to you if you would like.

Friday Night

Those that could met at Amy's Campground for a welcoming evening of karaoke and food. The food was delicious and the entertainment excellent.

View of Amy's meeting hall upon entering

Sue Hutchinson provided the karoake machine and a lot of the night's entertainment.

Norm Hutchinson, Sue's husband

Bobbi Johnson

Hugh & Hoyce Willis





Sunday activities were held in the Worth Room in Sylvester.

Sunday Pot Luck Dinner

Michael Derrick getting ready...

To be the auctioneer

Another Fred Johnson original! Thanks Fred.

A homemade quilt where each square has a picture of a Willis Family member in it.


Here's a letter from Hugh & Joyce Willis sent to the Willis Family List following the reunion. It's meant for the whole family to read, so I thought I would post it here:

Hello Everyone,
Joyce and I had a great time at the reunion and we hope everyone did likewise.
We had the most lucrative auction ever. There was a total of $132.00 in donations and $1274 from the auction.  That gave us a total of $1406.00 less $200.00 for the Worth Room, which leaves us a grand total opf $1,206.00 for the cemetery fund.  A heartfelt thanks to all of you.
We would prefer to have the reunion in July or August, if that is agreeable with the majority of participants. We plan to be there, if possible, no matter when.

Norm and Sue, we really enjoyed the KAROKE session on Friday night.

Hope to see all of you next year.
Love, Hugh and Joyce

Here's the letter sent by Chuck Willis to the Willis Family List following the reunion. It's meant for the whole family to read, so I thought I would post it here:

As most know, Kitty and I are on a long vacation to Colorado.  (Having a great time in this cool weather!)
we wanted to extend a special thank you for all you did in making this a successful gathering. 

Your support of the Cemetery fund is greatly appreciated, but the true success was your presence.

The road rally, golf match and dinner at Ed's were very enjoyable. One of my favorites is the Sunday dinner and the home cooking.  Lowell McDaniel's devotional from Psalms reminded that one of our outstanding Christians was a human who committed some major sins, but still found forgiveness and enjoyed a close relationship and forgiveness with God.

Having all my sisters present was a special blessing to me. Norm has kept his cancer problems pretty quiet, but he needs our prayers. Ruth Willis continues to have problems with her heart irregularities and it was an effort for her to be there. With all their health concerns, it was a great surprise to see Bill and Nita. Seeing Mary Sheridan was like seeing a living example of answered prayer. Of course the list goes on, but I just wanted to say Thanks to all for your participation.
There is strong interest in Myrtle Beach for next year, but little consensus for a time.  Need your input.
Love to all, 
Chuck & Kitty

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