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2001 Willis Family Reunion

The 2001 Reunion was held at Raccoon Lake Campground Resort in Orlando, FL. Most relatives either stayed at the campground or at the Howard Johnson Maingate Resort across the street. People began arriving Friday night and met at the campground's rec center for burgers and extras. Most of the kids (and plenty of the adults) took advantage of the nice weather to go swimming in the huge pool. Many also played lots of miniature golf at the on site miniature golf course. 

Most of the family found things to do on their own during the day on Saturday. With the amusement park city of the world at your beckon call, everyone found something to do, many went to Disney World, some to Universal Studios, some to the smaller parks, and some just chose to spend the day by the pool. At the end of the day, most of met and went to Arabian Nights and enjoyed some good food and a really good show.

Sunday morning was the big meeting where we had a short worship service with Chuck Willis delivering the message. Following the worship service we all enjoyed a nice potluck dinner which was then followed by a fund raising auction to benefit the Willis Family Cemetery.


Chuck Willis led the morning worship service.


The auctions next!
Our auctioneer this year was Michael Derrick, son-in-law to Chuck Willis.

First winners of the mystery prize auction

This is the inscription from the mystery prize that was auctioned off. This was actually auctioned off probably 4 times before it finally found a home.

Some of the auction participants

Here's the letter sent by Chuck Willis to the Willis Family List following the reunion. It's meant for the whoel family to read, so I thought I would post it here:

Just an update on the wonderful reunion at Kissimee.  Thank you Natalie and Mike (and Megan) for a job well done.  The Arabian Nites was spectacular, the Golf Course great, the pool and meeting room were perfect and the prices were magnificent.  A special thank you to June and Hoppy for stepping forward to coordinate next year in Sylvester which is tentatively set for the last weekend in June. Hopefully this will allow more younger families to come.
Thanks everyone for your generosity in raising over $800 for the best maintained family cemetery in Worth county.  This will cover a little over a year's operating costs.  I hope and pray we can find sufficient funds to set up a perpetual care fund and we can forgo this annual fund raising efforts.  We are currently a little over $2000 and I feel if we can reach $10000 it can become self-sustaining.  (If you win the lottery, keep us in mind.)  We also accept endowments, donations, whatever.
Please keep the following, who could not attend due to health, on your prayer list;  Teetsie, Mary Sheridan and her son,  Ruth Willis, Dalton and Evelyn Ramsey, Elise, Effie and others whose names escape this feeble mind for the time being.
We are grateful for the succesful recoveries and answered prayers for those who have undergone surgeries and other procedures this past year.
Just a reminder to contact Mike if you are not on the family web.  I try to send this to everyone regardless and that is why most of you are so fortunate to get two emails from me.  Also, please update Natalie with your current address (including email) and the addresses of other family members who are interested
See you in Sylvester,
 Jerry  (Chuck)

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