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2000 Willis Family Reunion

Pictures from the 2000 reunion are at the bottom since there are many more than last years.

The 2000 Reunion was held in Sylvester and Tifton, Georgia. Friday August 31 we had a large group that went out to a local restaurant. Many people stayed in the Comfort Inn and make good use of their facilities all weekend (especially the swimming pool and internet computers). 

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Saturday found the many of the men participating in the annual golf tournament, while several of the mom's went to the Agrirama outside of Tifton. Saturday evening everyone met to enjoy dinner and each other's company at a restaurant in Poulan (between Tifton and Sylvester). We had 58 people attend that dinner and it was nice to meet many of you that have sent in emails. Let's stay in touch!

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Sunday morning was the big meeting where we had a short worship service with Chuck Willis delivering the message. Following the worship service we all enjoyed a nice potluck dinner which was then followed by a fund raising auction to benefit the Willis Family Cemetery.

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Joyce Willis
with Anthony And Crystal

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Carl & Skippy
& mystery guest
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John Weldon
Gave us a short Willis History Lesson
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Ciara Willis pulling out the winning raffle tickets for the Cemetery Fund
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April Andrews
& Brian Willis
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Joyce singing at
worship service
(Click here to listen)
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Mary, Thelma, Dorothy
& Ray Willis
singing at worship
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The kids loved the seeing eye puppy
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Kevin Hardison celebrated his 40th Birthday
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Sheila Shearon was our auctioneer with help from Chuck Willis
Mvc-019s.jpg (46498 bytes)
Hugh Willis 
also helped with the auction
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High Bidders?
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On Monday, several people went out to the Willis Cemetery to visit and change the flowers. Special thanks goes out to Don & Ginger Hunt (daughter of Grady Willis) for the flower arrangements.

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It was announced that our next reunion will be held in Orlando, Florida. That's a great vacationing destination so I hope that everyone can plan to spend some time with the whole family while also getting the chance to visit the mouse (or whoever). 

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