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1999 Willis Family Reunion

Pictures from the 1999 reunion:

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Are these the same
 people from
 last year?

My sister sent in these pictures from the reunion. If anyone else has any that they would like to share, please send them to mike@websbymike.com. Thanks

p.s. I'm terrible at remembering names, so it would be nice if you could include the names for me.

p.s. You can click on any picture to see a bigger copy of the picture.

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What are these guys looking at???

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It's always nice getting to
know your cousins again.
(Megan Derrick, Megan (Jonette's daughter) and Katherine

    4.jpg (170947 bytes)
Judith Gay (Carroll)
and Dorothy Carroll


The 1999 Reunion was held in Helen, Georgia. Activities included a golf tournament, a visit to the Cabbage Patch Hospital (where you get to see new Cabbage Patch dolls being 'born'), a fund raising auction to benefit the Willis Family Cemetery, Sunday dinner with our own Worship service, a car rally which sent us all over the surrounding county (did everyone find their way back?) and of course many other get togethers where everyone was able to catch up with the news from the other parts of the Family. Everyone had fun. I hope that everyone plans on attending the next reunion which is slated to be held in Sylvester, Georgia next year. See ya there!

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