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Mailing List Info

The mailing list service is provided by You do not have to join YahooGroups to use it, however if you join YahooGroups then you will be able to access more of the features that the service offers. The primary thing we use it for is to store additional files there that we like to share. A new feature that we have not yet begun to use is a photo gallery where members can start a new photo album. Once you make the new album, then you can put the pictures in it that you would like to share with everyone. Because our group is a private group, these pictures will only be seen by the members of our group.

If you do join YahooGroups, make sure that you specify your "Marketing Preferences", because they do like to send a lot of junk mail (advertising) to your email account. They also like to track the sites you visit with a lot of cookies. You can change the settings for these though through the "Edit your Marketing Preferences" link on the account page.

We have use ths service for several years with good results. It has provided a valuable way for the family to communicate with each other and we encourage everyone to use it. To join the list, just enter your email in the block provided on the home page. That will start the process. All applicants are screened by moderators who will verify that you are either a member of the family or a close friend of the family.  If you have any questions, please email the webmaster.


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