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Each year the Extended family tries to hold a reunion. Whenever the the reunion is held in South Georgia near where Benjamin and Blansett Willis lived, the reunions usually include time to visit the Family Cemetery and old homestead, as well as other local attractions. During the other years, the family decides by consensus where the would like to meet. Usually this is dependent on someone stepping up and taking the lead in getting it arranged.

Here's the reunion information for 2009

WHO? All descendants of Benjamin Willis
The 2009 reunion will be held at Amy's Campground in Tifton, Georgia.




Friday, Sept 4

A time of welcoming and greeting each other at the campground. We will have Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and whatever everyone wants to bring.


We will eat sometime around 6:00 or 6:30 p.m.


Late night Karaoke by Susie.

Sat, Sept 5

About 10:00A.M. we will go to the cemetery to take flowers and do some minor cleaning.


Lunch --Will be decided at the cemetery.


Be back at the campground by 2:00p.m. for the Road Rally.


Ending up at Jernigan's for some good ole fish.


Then we will end up back at the campground for fellowship and Sue's entertaining Karaoke singing.

Sun, Sept 7

Service will be at 11.00 a.m. Meet at the building at the campground for our Church service.


LUNCH will be covered dish so bring on the best food of the South.


The Family Meeting will follow lunch.


And then we will have the AUCTION, SO EVERYBODY bring a GREAT SURPRISE so we can raise a LOT of
money for the cemetery.



It is recommended that family members try to stay at the campground and hotel listed below so that it's easy to find one another.

CAMPING: Campers can stay at Amy's Campground for $24.00 per night if you qualify for a discount. (AARP, MILITARY, OR OTHER). Be sure to let them know you are with the Benjamin Willis reunion. Their phone number is (229) 386-8441

MOTEL:  A block of rooms has been reserved at the COMFORT INN for this reunion. The discount rate for Family members is $80.99 per night . Be sure you let them know you are with the Benjamin Willis Reunion. They do not accept pets or smoking in their rooms. Their phone number is (229) 382-8250.



Auction Items for 2009.
If you would like to list or show anything you want to auction off, please send it in and we will show those in this block.

This is beautiful cake dish was hand painted by MaryAnn Willis Hixon.

This will be auctioned off at the reunion to help raise funds for the reunion, as well as some other glass she may do later.



Gin (Ginger) Hunt


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