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Joseph W. Willis (Feb. 11, 1863 - Aug. 21, 1932)

  • Parents: Daniel and Elizabeth Willis

  • Wife: Frances Jan Rooks (Dec. 12, 1868 - Apr. 4, 1949)

    • This picture was assembled by Thelma Pinner using two different photos.

  • History Notes: Joseph was born in Worth County, Georgia. Frances was born in Lownders County, Georgia. Both Joseph and Frances are buried in the Willis Cemetery in Worth County, Georgia.

  • Children: (They had thirteen children)

    Grady's brothers & sisters.JPG (176106 bytes) This picture was made after Frank had his stroke, which left his left arm and leg almost unusable. 

    This picture was taken at one of the family reunions that were held in Davenport, Florida. Davenport was where Aunt Dora and Uncle Henry lived.

    This picture was taken after Franklin had his stroke, which left his left arm and leg almost unusable. (7)

    If you click on this picture you will be taken to the larger version of it.

    Group pictures of all the Willis Family and another of their spouses of the Willis brothers and sisters. This picture was made in May of 1951, in front of Uncle Walters house in Georgia. The occasion was a family reunion. Click on picture to see a larger view.


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