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Charles Grady Willis, Jr. (Jerry or Chuck)(Oct. 3, 1935 to now)

  • Parents: Grady and Jewel Willis

  • Wife: Kitty Magdeline Suzanne Kirchhoff (Sept. 18, 1939 - now) Daughter of Ella Baumann from Germany. mom & dad's wedding.jpg (134337 bytes)

  • Children: (They have three children)

  • History Notes: Charles Grady Willis, Jr. is also known as Jerry by most close family members since his mother liked to call him by that name. After enlisting in the Air Force, he started going by the name of Chuck, which he now uses in his business. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at Albany, Georgia, on January 25, 1955. He retired with a rank of Master Sergeant from Dayton, Ohio. He spent most of his military duty with the Apollo program at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. He currently runs his own real estate office in Keystone Heights, Florida. See also Chuck Willis Realty


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