Benjamin Willis III
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Benjamin Willis III (1725-1785)

  • Wife: (Unknown died in 1780(1))

    • Children: (had one child)

  • 2nd Wife: (Unknown) married in 1784 (1)

    • Children: (had five children)(1)

      • Martha

      • Nancy Willis (1793-1863) buried in the Old Mount Vernon Cemetery off Old Union Road< Tift County, Georgia. Nancy Willis was the Aunt of Dempsey Rite Willis; she lived with Dempsey and Mary Ann Baker during her late years of life. (1)

      • Rebecker

      • Unknown daughter

      • William C.

  • Historical Notes

    • From R. Willis, A Willis Family History

      • This brings us at last to Benjamin Willis, the last brother to be talked about. From Benjamin, at least two separate branches are know to exist. Lowell McDaniel and Thomas Benefield from one, myself, Virgina Willis Madden and Nancy Keck Willis from the other.

      • What is known is that a Benjamin Willis(III) purchased 100 acres of land in Bladen County, North Carolina in 1753 and an additional 500 acres in 1756. This Benjamin is believed to have been born around 1725 and died in 1821.

    • From "Roster of North Carolina Soldiers of North Carolina in the American revolution DAR, 1932." See Vol. 17 - page 258, vol. 5 - page 995, vol. 6 - page 80

      Benjamin Willis of Cumberland County was a Revolutionary War veteran, Private, Warrenton, North Carolina Continental Line. For his services of 84 months, he was awarded 640 acres "within the limits of the lands allotted the officers and soldiers of the Continental Line by Law, (Military Land Warrants) 1783., October 14" North Carolina Legislature paid him 185.14 pounds on Feb 1, 1785, settled at Halifax, North Carolina Sept 1, 1784 after meeting commencing April 9, 1784 lasting until June 4, 1784, reconvening January 1785. Pay# 1478, Land Grant# 3249

    • From " Records of Colonial North Carolina, vol. 5 - page 995, vol. 6 - page 80, is the following:

      At a King's Council in Wilmington, North Carolina, Tuesday Nov 29, 1758, "upon motion of Robert Jones, Esq., Attorney General, it is ordered that the Letters of Administration granted to Benj. Willis on the estate of David Braswell be revoked and that Letters ad Colligend, issue to Ann Braswell als. Carver on the Estate of the said David Braswell." 

    • Born in 1725 in New Hanover County, NC. Died in 1785 in Bladen County, NC. (1)


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