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William Willis (1812-1863)

  • Wives:

    • Catherine Goff (?? - ??/??/1844)

      • They were married on January 30, 1834

      • She is buried in Irwin Country, Georgia

    • Delila Goff (1816 -October 28, 1887)

      • They were married on October 25, 1846 in Irwin County, Georgia.

      • She is listed in the 1850 census for  Irwin Co., Georgia

  • Children: (Catherine had no children, all were born from Delila)

    • Daniel Jackson Willis (1/27/1848-5/26/1923) married to Martha E. Porter (2/24/1842-11/23/1901)

    • Mary Ann Willis (1850-??) married to James G. Hancock (??-??)

    • Bitha Willis (2/19/1852-1/16/1914) married to Thomas J. Sullivan (1849-??)

      • Both were born in Irwin County, Georgia.

      • She is buried in Willis Cemetery, Sledge Road, Worth County, Georgia.

    • James Willis (1855-??)

  • History Notes:

    • William was born in Teflair County, Georgia.

    • All the children were born in Irwin County, Georgia.

  • Sources

    • All original info from Genealogy file dated February 15, 2000, which has an error. It has William Willis who married Catherine Goff as being the son of Benjamin and Sarah Willis. Benjamin and Sarah did not get married until 1833, and their son William was not born until 1840. Since the records are all in agreement that William and Catherine were married on January 30, 1834, and I'm sure he was born prior to that, I went with the record that shows he is the son of Benjamin and Blansett Willis.


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