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Daniel Willis (June 27, 1817- June 18, 1896)

  • Parents: Benjamin and Elizabeth Willis

  • Wife: Elizabeth (Betsey) Smith (Oct. 17, 1824 - Jan. 31, 1885)

    • Daughter of Jonathan Smith.

    • Daughter of John David Smith, son of Allen Smith, who was the son of Jonathan Smith
      (Per email from Larry Martin dated 11/2/1999)

    • Married to Benjamin on September 2, 1841.

  • Children: (They had twelve children)

    • John Willis (??-??/??/1862)

      • Civil War soldier died from disease in a hospital at Macon, Georgia, in 1862.

      • He was never married.

    • James Willis (??-??/??/1862)

      • Civil War soldier died from disease in a hospital at Macon, Georgia, in 1862.

      • He was never married.

    • Benjamin Willis (9/11/1853 - 1/30/1885) married to Elizabeth Hollingsworth (12/13/1857 - 10/17/1953)

    • Jerimiah (Jerry) Willis (7/10/1861- 8/8/1929) married Mindy Hollingsworth (??- summer 1830)(15)

    • Daniel Augustus (??-October 1927) married Eugenia Cox (??-??)

    • Joe Willis (??-1934) married Frances Rooks(??-??)

    • Martha Willis (5/28/1850 - 5/1/1931) married to Sidney Lane Jones (2/3/1839 - 11/29/1915)

    • Sarah Willis (??-??) married to Calvin Land (??-??)

    • Mary Willis (?? - August 30, 1874)

      • She never married.

    • Nancy Willis (Feb. 10, 1848 - Nov. 14, 1876)

      • She was never married.

    • Tempy Willis (??-??)

      • She was never married.

    • Ophelia Willis (??-??) married to Neil McInnis(??-??)

  • History Notes:

    • Both Daniel and Elizabeth are buried in the Willis Cemetery.

    • Daniel was away from home when the Indians killed his mother, sister and niece in Irwin County, Georgia.

    • He was one of the first citizens in the part of the county below the A.C.L. railroad.

    • The Willis family first moved into a one room log cabin until they could build, a few miles below Poulan, a two room frame hose, to which two more rooms were later added. They built a separate kitchen with a puncheon floor. The kitchen stood a distance from the "big" house, and the family walked from the main building to the kitchen by way of a covered walk. The "big" house was built in 1852, as verified by a date marked into the chimney at the east end. During the early years at this place, the Willis family used water from a natural spring at the foot of the knoll that is now the Willis Cemetery. This was also the spot where the family washing was done. Joe Willis, son of Daniel Willis, later owned this place.


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